Monday, 3 December 2012

It's Christmas Time...

So here we are, into December and we are officially allowed to talk about Christmas (cause really I hate hearing Christmas music and seeing Christmas trees already up in the middle of Nov, it just seems wrong to me)!  Now however, the countdown is on, and we need to get to decorating...
I've been thinking that we should talk about decorating your door, front porch, yard and all those things.

Let's be realistic, most of us aren't trying to win "the most lights in your yard" award, or even trying to get onto the Christmas lights tour in your home town; what we really want is a pretty/beautiful home that invites our guests and expresses our joy of the season.

Most of you are fans of coloured lights, and that's OK, so each there own, that is the beauty of individuality; I however am of the white lights camp.  I think they had a glow and touch of elegance to things - I confess, I have been known to mix red and white lights, but that was then and this is now ;)

If you have stairs leading up to your house, how pretty and simple is this? 

Glass bowls, some holly, cranberry and the white stuff is salt!  Course rain is an issue for us, but try some type of glass lantern or hurricane lamp with the same combination.

Regardless of the colours you choose, try to do it tastefully, doors and front porches are an amazingly simply way to do it.  Even if you live in a flat or apartment, I've wrapped my door like it was a huge present, with really wide gold (insert colour of choice) ribbon that I attached to the bottom and top of the door with tape, literally tying a ribbon.  Wreaths are beautiful, and can be done in so many ways.

But don't forget those big beautiful pots or urns you usually have filled with flowers.  Take greenery (you live on the Coast, you can find pine branches easily) like pine or holly or both, add in some red berries on stems from the local craft store.  and if you have an electrical outlet handy just randomly stick white lights within the mix.

Regardless of what you do, do it with intent, try to keep a colour theme, whether it's lime green and purple, traditional white, green and red, metallic's or navy blue and white.  Just give it a sense of intention.  Your beautifully decorated front door and porch is the the invitation to your guests during this happy and festive season.  They will feel welcomed and enticed as they enter your home!

Now all that being said, I'm going to just give you lot's of pictures for inspiration rather than bore you with words, pictures as they say speak a thousand words!  Enjoy, and I hope you'll send me some pictures of your beautifully decorated front doors, porches, steps, yards, whatever it is you choose to do!

Just don't worry about it being too perfect, it's about expressing your own personal taste; and since none of us are perfect, your friends will love it because it was something you did!

The urns with the Christmas trees are tomato cages, and here's what you need to make them.

  • a tomato cage, one for each urn
  • medium gauge garden or fencing wire, lighter cage craft wire
  • outdoor Christmas lights, one string for each tree
  • decorative polyester mesh for wrapping, approximately 7 feet per urn
  • decorative mesh or wide ribbon in a complementary colour to wrap the base and create a bow, about 3-4 feet per urn
  • a variety of shatterproof ornaments in different sizes in whatever colour you choose
  • some artificial greenery — I used holly leaves, poinsettia, more bows, bells, snowflakes, whatever tickles your fancy, just remember it has to be able to handle the elements.
  • 15 feet of 2 inch decorator ribbon per urn
  • two large bells or a large bow for the bottom
  • hot glue gun
  • tall pole, bungee cords and tent pegs for securing
Wreathes, beautiful wreaths - as you can see for all my contemporary style, I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, so these are the ideas that appeal to me.

 Front entrances as a whole can also be done big or simply as the black garden pot above shows, or as I love it, all in white white lights with greenery.  If you can get your adorable little dog to sit with a Santa hat, well all the better lol :)

So a red door is obviously a fabulous choice for Christmas, but I'm not suggesting that you paint your door unless of course you wanted to...

And like I said, wreaths they come in endless options.

 This is a clever idea from Martha Stewart.  You'd have to use something that can withstand the elements, but all it would take is white "boxes" with plastic ribbon and some outdoor lights.

And the combination to your right, is so clever and yet so simple.

Take white balloons and white tissue paper.  Blow up balloons, dip tissue in glue, cover balloons and let dry. cut out a space for battery tea light and use in either indoors or out.  The size will be proportionate to the urn and location.

There you have it, some simple and yet lovely ideas for decorating your outdoor spaces this Christmas season!  Have fun everyone.

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